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The flagship company of the Global Vision Group- Consultancy Wings as Galaxy Vision Consulting is the realisation of our effort of bringing about a revolution that will provide corporate house with affordable means for services .we offers a complete range of services as Aviation , Corporate & legal Services ,Media & Entertainment, Natural Resources Exploration Engineering,Financial Services,Infrastructure ,Energy and Software Solution .

Global Vision success is the number and quality of the partnerships that we have established with leading, global Strategic Partners to achieve tight integration between Peak flow and partner offerings. This shared commitment to inter-operable solutions and services enables customers to maximize the technology already in place to further improve security and operations.

Global Vision Clients Charter

Partner's play a key role in Global Vision Strategic . Global Vision has worked with partner to developed a strong partner community and provide customer with product and services that add value in different sector . Global Vision Group has establish partner charter to confirm our commitment to help partner , develop ,deliver, & support the provide and services that make our mutual customer more successful.

Key aspect of the Global Clients Charter include the following

World-class partner -Global Vision is committed to providing a world-class partner that builds mutual trust and understanding among Global Vision Group, our partners, and our mutual customers.Global vision group will develop and measure partnerships by following clearly defined key performance indicators. Global Vision Group will invest in and continually enhance the product and services in various sector to ensure maximum success for the partnerships and joint venture or technology venture to be the market leader .

Partner support -Global Vision is committed to providing appropriate levels of support and resources, based on partner commitment, to enable partners to drive joint success. we will invest in partnership management resources in key areas such as business development, research & development ,Design & Engineering , new product development software solution development, and field engagement.

Constant Communication -we is committed to promoting a clear understanding of its internal business processes. we will optimize partner access to our Aviation , Corporate & legal Services ,Media & Entertainment, Natural Resources Exploration Engineering,Financial Services,Infrastructure ,Energy and Software Solution .

Clear engagement guidelines -we is committed to developing and continually enhancing clear field engagement guidelines for both global vision and partner sales and consulting. Global Vision work with partners to identify the solutions and customers we will pursue together, and those we will pursue separately.

Increased customer satisfaction–Global Vision is committed to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction by providing partners with the information and resources they need to deliver solutions and services that add value.

Lead generation -Global Vision is committed to investing in lead-generation programs to promote the success of key strategic partners Global vision group will pursue marketing opportunities to establish Global Vision and our partners as trusted advisory and ensure that product and services solutions.

Revenue enhancement -Global Vision is committed to working with key strategic partners in targeted markets to increase mutual revenue, market share, and profitability Global Vision works with partners to develop joint business plans and go-to-market strategies that leverage our combined strengths.

Collaboration with Leading Technology Partners

With the complexity and speed of today's business environment, partnering with complementary companies is the best way to pull together the expertise needed to deliver the best solution for customers. Global Vision group has developed several partner programs that offer benefits to every type of partner

Channels to alliances.

These partners architect, integrate, implement, deploy and often operate the business systems that enable our joint customers to conduct business in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Alliance Partners

We have formed strategic alliances with the world’s leading technology, combining their industry and technology knowledge with our complementary each expertise. Global Integrator Partners

Our partners design innovative business systems that enable their clients to conduct business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Our partners possess unparalleled infrastructures of technical expertise that complement Group mission to provide their customers with world-class solutions Consulting Partners

Consultant Partners recommend Global Design & Engineering as well as use D&E products to provide application and information management expertise to their clients OEM Partners

The OEM program is geared towards third party vendors who whish to embed and further leverage Global Vision group products or technologies into their applications, or service offerings

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