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Investment Banking 

Global Vision Investment Banking Services offers  principal lines of business in India are the Investment Bank, Treasury Services, Investor Services, Asset Management and Private Equity. We are one of the few fully integrated global investment banks that combines specialist local knowledge with leadership positions across these lines of business.

Our leadership has been regularly recognized, and the firm has won numerous industry awards during its long history. Learn more about our lines of business:

  • Asset Management
  • Global Corporate Bank
  • Investment Bank
  • Investor Services
  • Treasury Services

The Global Corporate Banking Services (GCB) manages the firm’s relationships with multinationals, local corporations with international business needs, financial institutions and public sector organizations.

As our clients increasingly expand into new geographies and demand global banking solutions, our full suite of local and cross-border capabilities, combined with our deep expertise and knowledge of doing business globally, helps meet their requirements for financing, risk management, working capital, cash management and investment solution.

we investment banking services to government, corporations, institutions and individuals. It is one of the few fully integrated investment banks in India with leadership positions across:

  • Industry Sectors
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Equity Sales & Trading
  • Credit & Rates
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Global Emerging Markets
  • Research
  • Futures & Options

Global Vision is a leading provider of advisory and capital markets services to clients across a broad range of industries. Based on our global, regional and India-specific expertise, we are a leading advisor to clients in the following industries:

Real Estate

Recognized as the leading advisor to India's major real estate companies, Global Vision sources strategic opportunities on a global basis, advises clients on acquisitions and divestment's, and provides capital markets solutions to meet associated funding requirements.

Energy & Natural Resources

Global Vision's Energy & Natural Resources team is highly regarded and involved in some of the largest transactions in India. The firm is well placed to participate in ongoing rationalization of both public and private sector entities.

Financial Institutions

Global Vision counts India's major banks and insurance companies among a broad client base in the finance sector. The firm is a leading advisor to financial institutional clients on both asset and equity capital pricings and strategic advisory transactions. 

General Industrial's

Global Vision has global expertise in a wide range of specialist sectors, including infrastructure, transportation and power. 

Telecommunications & Technology

Global Vision has leading global teams focused on providing strategic and financial advice to clients across these sectors. The India team is actively involved in working with colleagues globally to advise both domestic and international players in these evolving industries.


Global Vision's healthcare team is actively involved in strategic and financing discussions with clients across the sector. The firm has helped several clients raise funds domestically and internationally.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Global Vision is a leading mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. The firm's in-depth expertise extends to a wide range of strategic M&A transactions, including asset purchases and disposals, restructuring and reorganization. Through its strong relationships with many of the leading financial sponsors groups, Global Vision is also able to help clients gain access to private equity financing.

The M&A business is a critical component underpinning the firm's globally integrated model and leading financing franchise in India. The firm proactively develops ideas, evaluates alternatives and pursues transactions that have a fundamental impact on clients’ business. Global Vision  advises international clients considering strategic transactions involving Indian companies.

Equity Capital Markets

Global Vision is widely recognized as a leader in capital raising, combining superior origination strength and structuring expertise with exceptional distribution capability in India. The firm's underwriting activities include initial public offerings, follow-on equity issues, convertible issues and global private placements.  The firm has helped Indian corporates raise money through domestic and international offerings.   

Global Vision offers a full-service global equities platform in India, with execution capabilities across all listed and OTC market centers globally, and serves corporate, institutional and hedge fund clients.

Debt Capital Markets

Global Vision combines superior debt origination and structuring expertise with exceptional distribution capabilities to a large base of investors. The firm helps corporate, institutional and government clients, achieve their objectives across the entire debt spectrum. These include financial advisory, acquisition finance, global syndicated facilities to domestic and international bonds for both high grade and high yield issuers, to hybrid capital and securitization.

Equity Sales & Trading

Institutional equity sales and trading are conducted through Global Vision Securities consulting thro a member of the Indian Securities Exchange. Global Vision provides a wide range of innovative equities solutions to investor and issuer clients. These include public offerings, secondary placements and equity-linked structures, private placements, equity-derivatives products and block- and portfolio-trading services. The firm's product offerings provide cutting-edge ideas, superior execution and advanced tools for changing markets.

Global Vision offers institutional investors, corporate distributors and affluent individuals the following products and services:

  • Worldwide trade execution services across all exchanges and electronic networks
  • Program and special equity-trading services
  • Sales, trading and research services on equity-based derivatives as well as risk-management applications and structured products

A full range of equity-linked services, including competitive pricing and complex structuring for new equity-linked issuances for issuers, and sales and trading services for institutional clients

  • Equity structuring and sales services in the primary markets, including initial public offerings, follow-on offerings and convertible securities
  • Equity Capital Markets (ECM) — origination capabilities, including follow-on common stock issues, convertible issues and private placements
  • Cash Equities — full-service global equities platform with execution capabilities across all listed and OTC market centers globally
  • Equity Derivatives — extensive knowledge of derivatives across all asset classes to deliver a comprehensive range of products

Credit & Rates

Global Vision is a leading player in India's structured interest rate and currency derivatives market.

The firm has the analytical talent, risk management expertise, structuring knowledge and global footprint to help issuers and investors protect their financial exposure. Global Vision, with its unique combination of research, problem-solving insight, innovation and delivery proficiency, is ideally positioned to develop and implement solutions that help clients achieve their business goals and strategic risk/reward priorities.

Derivative product professionals collaborate with the investment bank's industry experts and regional specialists to design risk management solutions customized for the client’s industry characteristics and geographic constraints.

Foreign Exchange

Global Vision is a major player in the custody flow business, with one of the most integrated onshore and offshore foreign exchange teams. It was the first bank in India to execute long tenure foreign exchange rupee options.

Global Vision  is a market leading liquidity provider to global foreign exchange markets. The firm is a market maker in 200 currency pairs in spot, outright forwards, NDFs, option contracts, cross-currency swaps and exotic currencies.

Global Special Opportunities Group

The Global Special Opportunities Group (GSOG) is a dedicated investing team with a mandate to invest in a broad cross-section of geographies, industry sectors and instrument types. The team consists of professionals across Asia Pacific, with offices in Mumbai & New Delhi .

The team has a long track record of involvement in distressed debt, NPLs and private equity investments. Investments have been made in a variety of sectors, including real estate, transport, agribusiness, alternative energy, healthcare and building materials.

Global Vision Equity Partners

Global Vision Equity Partners makes private equity investments behind compelling business ideas and strong management teams.  Global Vision Equity Partners to manages investments and commitments for Global Vision Group in direct private equity transactions. Partnering with management, GVEP invests in transactions that initiate strategic and operational changes in businesses, often through combinations to create long-term value. 


Global Vision's India research provides clients with informed views and ideas on economic indicators, markets, companies and asset classes around the world.

Our research is the foundation for everything we do for our clients. From up-to-the-minute original trade ideas, to longer-term thematic studies that explain the financial markets in depth, our mission is to constantly offer new and original ways for investors to build value.

In Mumbai, analysts bring expertise from a number of disciplines to provide an integrated approach, delivering ideas and services on Indian companies to maximise the performance of our clients' funds under management. This team is also able to draw on the support of analysts from across Global Vision 's worldwide network.

Global Vision Markets, our research website, contains all our reports, commentaries, trading strategies and real-time market data, as well as a wide range of advanced portfolio tools, models and analytics that provide unique insights on financial markets and securities. 

Futures & Options

Global Vision plan for a futures and options brokers servicing institutional investors.

Deposits can be in any permissible currency, including:

  • U.S. Dollars
  • Pound Sterling
  • Japanese Yen
  • Euros
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • Deposit Tenor*

The current permissible tenors on FCNR deposit are:

Prepayment charges: The FCNR scheme provide the Bank with discretion to levy a penalty for pre-mature withdrawal of funds. Premature withdrawal within a year will be subject to the following: 

  • No interest will be payable
  • The client will also bear the swap cost, if any.

Global Vision Treasury Services offers cash management and trade finance solutions.

Global Vision is a top-ranked, full service provider of innovative Cash Management services covering Account services, Liquidity solutions, Payables and Receivables solutions all of which are backed by award winning Information management systems. Learn more about Cash Management.

Global Vision in India offers comprehensive trade finance solutions for corporate clients, including traditional trade products (Import Trade Services, Export Trade Services, Guarantees / Standby Letter of Credits, Trade Finance Loans); Supply Chain Financing products; Structured Trade Finance and Trade Risk Portfolio Management solutions. 

Cash Management

Global Vision is a top-ranked, full service provider of innovative Cash Management services covering Account services, Liquidity solutions, Payables and Receivables solutions all of which are backed by award winning Information management systems.

Account Services

Demand Deposit Accounts are available in local and foreign currencies, including but not limited to the four major global currencies: U.S. dollar, euro, pound sterling and Japanese yen.

Two types of Indian rupee (INR) accounts available:

  • General Account for Payment and Collection transactions
  • Cash Credit Account used for working capital loans
  • Foreign Currency:

Onshore foreign currency accounts available to maintain the export proceeds onshore in any of the major foreign currencies.
Liquidity Solutions

Global Vision delivers a range of liquidity management solutions in India to support the liquidity requirements of clients.

Time Deposit – Enhance yield yet maintain control over surplus funds by investing a fixed amount of cash for a defined period of time. Time deposits are agreements between your company and J.P. Morgan, allowing J.P. Morgan to hold the funds for a pre-defined time at an agreed rate. Due to Reserve Bank of India regulations, time deposits have tenors from 7 days and are available in INR only.

Unitized Time Deposit – The Unitized Time Deposit (UTD) program allows you to sweep excess balances into units of time deposits on a daily basis, thereby providing daily liquidity and maximizing yield opportunities. A UTD automatically invests daily surplus balances or covers daily overdrafts up to the instruction deadlines.

The minimum balance and unite size of the deposit can be customized to suit your needs. When there are excess funds above a pre-defined threshold in the transaction account, An auto-sweep will move funds into the time deposit. In case of a shortfall in your transaction account, a reverse sweep from the time deposit will take place to fund the transaction account.

Cash Concentration & Sweeping – Achieve greater efficiency by concentrating your funds across various accounts into a central designated account. Cash concentration enables you to:

  • Gain greater visibility and control of cash by centralizing into a single location
  • Increase operational efficiency by automating the management of cash balances
  •  Use excess balances to self fund – thus reducing borrowing costs and fees associated with overdrafts
  • Aggregate cash for investment or debt repayment
  • Reconcile disparate account balances and improve cash forecasting
  • Cash concentration for single and multiple legal entities are offered in India.
  • Global Vision will work with you to understand your challenges and objectives to develop liquidity management solutions that meet your business needs.

Payment Solutions

Global Vision brings a breadth of experience and extensive memberships to clearing systems to help you meet your international and domestic payment needs. We support all clearing channels, from paper to electronic, in India, allowing you to  effect any local or cross-border transactions in US dollar, euro, GBP and any other major currencies through their accounts with Global Vision in India.

A snapshot of our Payments offering:

  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)
  • National Electronic Clearing System (NECS)
  • Domestic statutory payments through our correspondent bank tie-ups
  • Payroll payments
  • International fund transfers and foreign currency drafts

With our integrated payments solutions, you can outsource your entire payments process, from generating payment instructions, execution, to reconciliation and advising activities.

Receivables Management Solutions

Our Receivables solutions are responsive to your needs. We collect and process receivables across all channels, and from different locations using our network which spans across the country.

A snapshot of our Receivables offering:

  • Local Cheque Collection -
  • Upcountry Cheque Collection - 
  • Physical cash and currency collections.
  • Receivables Edge an unique invoice matching solution for collections.
  • Comprehensive MIS, that will help you reconcile your collections with ease.

Our Receivables management solutions enable collections to be handled automatically, thereby improving cash flow and preserving the integrity of collections management information.

Information Management

Global Vision is a global cash management platform that transforms the way treasurers manage and monitor cash balances, daily transactions and information.

Global Vision provides treasury and investment professionals worldwide with a secure, single point of access to a wide range of treasury services, financial transactions, account information products and decision-support tools to help them effectively manage their treasury environment via the Internet.

Available via our online portal, mobile and host-to-host channels, It is supported by J.P. Morgan's award winning multi-level security protocol designed to protect privacy, data integrity and maintain operational control:

Global Vision Mobile – The power of Global Vision is available in the palm of your hand – with a Mobile application that provides anytime, anywhere, secure cash management on smart phones and tablets. You can view business critical account information, tailored to your needs, for informed and quick decision making, from wherever you are – all supported with Global Vision' award-winning multi-level security protocol designed to protect privacy, preserve data integrity and maintain operational control.

Global Vision Host-to-Host – provides a suite of secure, flexible transmission, transaction initiation and reporting solutions. Our scalable connectivity and data transformation services are compatible with third-party treasury workstations and ERP systems. You benefit from highly secure and integrated processes to fulfill your global payments and consolidated reporting needs.

Global Vision Liquidity Solutions – brings together the capabilities you need to actively manage global liquidity, mitigate risk and improve coordination across your enterprise, with comprehensive information reporting to help you make more informed decisions.

Whether you use it to support day-to-day treasury management activities, or leverage its information to complement your treasury management system, the result is an easier, more efficient way to maximize global cash. 

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