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Tyce Elevators & Escalators 

Tyce Elevators offers a comprehensive line of elevator choices designed to meet vertical transportation need. Lifts we design, manufacture and install a wide range of passenger lifts for the low, medium & high rise building , with capacities ranging from six to thirty-three persons.” We offer a choice of passenger capacities and speeds ranging from 3 persons to 40 persons, with lifts operating at 0.6 m/sec through to 3.0 m/sec . The advanced technology apply such as reliable drive traction, Group control up to 8 sets elevators, 32bit microcomputer control VVVF(the variable- voltage & variable- frequency) control technology.

Utilizing the comprehensive technological infrastructure developed by Global Vision Group;. Tyce Elevators provides and contributes to Indian market with state of the art technology represented by the experience of installing “ Smoothest & Safer Elevator in the India”. Tyce seeks to provide high quality and effective products and a full range of advanced solutions .

With the goal to provide safe, secure, comfortable elevators and escalators, to support economic growth and enhance client’s satisfaction, TYCE today provides one-stop solutions to all elevator requirements .

Elevators                          Escalators                               Multi-Level Parking               Moving Walks 

Low / Mid Rise                                                 TY 2.0                                                        Car Parking                                         Horizontal Movingwalks

High Rise 

Machine-Roomless Lift

Panoramic /Capsule Lift 

Hospital Elevators 

Freight & Car Lift

Dumb Waiter Lift

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