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About Us

At Global Vision Group of companies is a premium global conglomerate in diversified sector as aviation, agro-product, food processing, banking, finance corporate legal corporate consultant,design,engineering,energy, land banking,media,entertainment,marble,granite,natural resources exploration ,infrastructure,export ,import , investment banking , hotels ,resorts , software solution  logistics serving customers globally with a clear focus on each business sector. Global Vision is one of the creative, technically excellent and tenacious people helping businesses to achieve new levels of competitiveness and success. We delivering innovative Product and solutions to life, serving customers through several business segments. we find ways to make life , easier, ambitious and successful .Our technology provide endless possibilities and ambition to be the world-class companies. we serving customer world wide with our products and services : Aviation,Corporate & Legal Services,Engineering,Financial Services,Infrastructure,Media & Entertainment,Marble Granite & Sand Stone , Natural Resources Exploration, Energy, Software Solution. Today, Global Vision Group of companies spread in around the country within relevant field.

The Global Vision Group of companies shares a set of five core values:

Excellence Innovation , Teamwork , Customer Fixation , Community  and  Fun.

These values, which have been part of the Group's beliefs and convictions from its earliest days, continue to guide and drive the business decisions of group companies. The Group and its enterprises have been steadfast and distinctive in their adherence to business ethics and their commitment to corporate social responsibility we measure our success by our team works. Every day our professionals works to help our clients succeed. Our job is channeling knowledge and value through our lines of service to various industry- specialised practices. we are one of the creative, technically excellent and tenacious professionals helping businesses to achieve new levels of success. Industry-focused services in the fields of aviation, corporate & legal services, engineering ,financial services , infrastructure, media & entertainment, energy and software solution to help our client . Our success in meeting today's business challenges rests on the way we approach our work. We call that approach Creative Ideas to Technology & Manufacture. Sound governance and transparency form the bedrock of leadership.

We are committed to serving as a force for integrity, good sense and wise solutions to the problems facing businesses and the capital markets today. Transparency and good standards of corporate governance both in our clients' businesses and in our own are central to our ability to achieve those objectives. And we aim to continue to achieve them from a position of strength as the undisputed leader of our profession. Our Services appreciates that no two projects are exactly alike, and that each should reflect the needs and goals of the client. We believes in providing design compatibility and cost control to ensure successful completion of projects based on our clients’ functional and budgetary requirements. With active memberships in several nationally recognized professional organizations, our team consistently offers the most advanced building solutions to fit every budget and schedule.

As part of our commitment to sustainable our services with accredited professionals on staff. At Global Vision, We measure our success by yours. Global Vision is India's Corporate consulting organisation, with practice and consulting assignments to its credit. It has helped conceive, plan and evaluate investments and has clients in India and abroad :

Consultancy Services and Strategic Management Group (SMG) are the two enterprises that offer Corporate consultancy services.

Economic Consultancy Services :

Investment planning and evaluation services group: This offers strategic market and business research studies.It prepares market-entry strategy formulations, feasibility studies and detailed project reports. Financial services group: Offers expertise in the areas of infrastructure, valuation services of assets,businesses, brands, and intellectual and human capital. Strategic Management Group.

we an independent Corporate consulting division of Global Vision assists companies in enhancing their competitive edge through a review of corporate and business strategies, organization structure and core processes. Global Vision has combined wide industry experience, a thorough understanding of India's business environment and cutting-edge concepts in strategy analysis to significantly improve the performance of its clients.

The Innovative World advantage :

In the Innovative World, market leadership demands discipline and focus. We focus on functional areas and deliver solutions that enhance performance and profitability.

Our consulting services focus on creating competitive advantage. We determine what actions will create the most advantage, and then implement strategies.

We have reinvented the consulting services model with a sharp focus on business. We concentrate on improving client competitiveness by aligning our service delivery and global talent with clients' goals, and undertake projects with complete transparency. 

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Global Vision refers to the network of member firms each of which is a separate and independent legal entity.