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Land Banking 

Global Vision offers pro-active attitude and sourcing lands and properties through various means and contacts. At Global Vision Land banking Services, we remove all the hurdles standing in your way to get hold of the property, making your investment quick, safe and profitable. To achieve that goal, we have allied with reputed architects, law firms, reputed builders, popular developers, town planning experts, environment consultants, engineers as well as tax & audit firms.

 Our service does not end at facilitating you to procure lands and properties, but it gets extended until you smile at the sight of high returns on your investment. We are committed to assist clients in every stage of the real estate process ––facilitating them in the buying, selling, financing, leasing, managing and valuing of assets, and providing strategic planning and research, portfolio analysis, site selection and space location, among many other services.

From a residential layout to commercial complex, from prime property in downtown part of the city to the lands and properties of the future in countryside

we deals in all and it is the lands and properties bank with a difference. 


Consulting and facilitation for  procuring lands that are…

  •     Commercial Properties
  •     Apartments
  •     Villas
  •     Lands of future

 Commercial Properties

  • Identifying a land in a commercial hub of the city, fencing or securing with a fence, and retaining for the future, allowing its capital value to appreciate gradually.
  • Procuring lands & developing commercial infrastructure required by multinational property consultants for their clients of international repute.
  • Developing property through reputed architects and builders.
  • Getting the best rentals with 100 percent guarantee.

 Through these steps, you can save between 30 and 50 percent at the existing market price with guaranteed returns.


  • Identifying and procuring a spacious plot in a fully – developed residential township, fencing and retaining the property as its capital value appreciates.
  •  Securing lands and properties ideal for apartments, particularly at places where similar projects by reputed builders are already under construction.
  • Developing the property through reputed builders and architects.
  • Searching out trusted and reliable tenants willing to pay best rentals.
  • Through these steps 30% to 50% can be saved at the market price with a potential for capital appreciation.

 Through these steps, you can save between 30 and 50 percent at the existing market price with guaranteed returns.

Procuring lands and properties nearby fast developing residential townships, fencing or securing with fence, and retaining for the future –– allowing the capital value to appreciate rapidly in a short space of time.

  •     For specified requirements - Identifying and procuring lands and properties suitable for villas
  •     Developing the project involving reputed land developers and architects.
  •      Sites will be ready either to hold or sell.

 Thus 50% to 60% savings can be achieved; moreover this is the best vehicle for capital appreciation.
Lands of Future

  •      Identifying lands and properties that yield best capital growth in the future.
  •     Procuring and compounding lands and properties and thus create Land Bank.
  •     Once the fencing is completed, 100% growth in investments can be expected

 Subsidiary Services

  •      Consultancy regarding the properties held by our clients.
  •     Assistance for legal works, revenue & taxes etc.
  •     Assistance for setting up ventures in Karnataka.
  •     Under-writing of properties.

Humanitarian Services

Every client in Global Vision Land Banking Services is traditionally treated as a family member, so we do whatever we can to ensure that our clients as well as their parents access best medical service available in the City. Similarly, every client is helped if they want to carry out cultural activities or charity works.

Global Vision Land Banking Services 

India - Toll Free No: 1800 266 8383

International: +91 22 6705 9000

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