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Design & Engineering 

Global Vision Design & Engineering offers in-house capabilities in technology development are complemented by tie-ups with world leaders. We provide state-of-the-art products & solutions to a large and diverse customer basic.

  • Engineering Design
  • Urban Infrastructure Sector (B&UI)
  • Hydrocarbon Construction and Pipelines
  • Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Oil & Gas Terminals
  • Pipelines
  • Engineering Technology Services
  • Robotic & Automation
  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Communication Control System
  • Transmission Line & Railway Construction
  • Turnkey Project 

Engineering Design :

We provide integrated solutions to building system engineering. We engineer the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology systems that deliver, consume and control the energy, comfort, communication and security within the built environment. Global Vision  will continue innovative design employing the latest methodologies in energy modeling, design, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and commissioning. 

Initially launched offering mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services, Global Vision has expanded our services to include technology systems design, building systems commissioning, energy modeling, sustainable consulting and owner representation.  As a member of the design team charged with making a building “work,” Global Vision Design & Engineering has observed firsthand the risks of multiple design and construction efforts being completed on parallel paths with poor, or non-existent coordination.  As rapidly emerging technologies connect historically independent building systems – HVAC and lighting control, networking, fire alarm and building security to name a few – the need for cohesive and coordinated engineering solutions has never been greater.  Our broad-based service offering and diverse areas of expertise give us the resources to provide our clients with creative, coordinated and efficient solutions that eliminate wasted costs of overlapping technologies and result in project savings. 

CAD Design Services

Global Vision  Design Engineers use the latest in 2D drafting and 3D modelling CAD software running on modern IT hardware platforms to ensure maximum design efficiency. This approach allows maximum flexibility whilst staying focused on project delivery times, we aim to supply our CAD services in a professional and efficient manner.

With our strong nucleus of mechanical engineering design consultants, we understand the latest engineering standards, technology and production methods to offer our clients a competitive range of activities. This is done using modern CAD design software that can save you time and money against the ever increasing demands on your programme and budgets.

The company currently employ design engineers working in a wide range of disciplines based at the nagpur office and on client premises across the length and breadth of the India.With our modern design office now housing 45 seats of the latest 3D mechanical CAD design software, we are able to service all projects regardless of their size.

CAD Drawing & Draughting Services

Due to the variety of industries and clients we service, we are familiar with working under different industry and customer design and standard practices – usually BS8888 / BS308. We are able to offer our resource and CAD services in two ways depending on client requirements – either undertaking the design project from our nagpur  offices or by placing suitable qualified and experienced engineering personnel onto client premises. If you are looking for a person on site, please get in touch. All of the 2D drawings & 3D CAD models we produce are checked against our ‘total quality’ standards.

CAD Outsourcing

Advantages to our clients of using our outsource design and draughting services include :

  • Projects undertaken to an agreed fixed cost and delivery schedule
  • Quick response, Nova will usually resource your problems within short timescales
  • No language or time zone challenges for the great majority of our clients
  • Nova’s wide range of CAD systems ensures native file compatibility with our clients – No risk of data translation issues.

Design Projects

We offer engineering design services from our modern design office in the India. we have offered our services across the majority of mechanical engineering disciplines. Our design engineers are focused on providing a service to deliver innovative design solutions to mechanical engineering problems.

Global Vision Design Engineers use the latest in 2D drafting and 3D modelling CAD software running on modern IT hardware platforms to ensure maximum design efficiency.

Due to the variety of industries and clients we service, we are familiar with working under different industry and customer design and standard practices.

Nova can undertake engineering drawing and draughting projects across the majority of engineering design disciplines regardless of the size of project, with no job being too big or too small. We possess an experienced team of Design Engineers who are flexible, to work to our clients quality standards. All of the 2D drawings & 3D CAD models we produce are checked against our ‘total quality’ standards.

Mechanical Engineering

Global Vision Mechanical Engineers bring deep, field-tested expertise to the design of HVAC Solutions. Our comprehensive HVAC system designs focus on comfort and incorporate life safety and infection control standards as well. By definition, mechanical engineering seeks to maximize the efficiency of energy expended at every stage of HVAC heat transfer. The sustainability of every physical component of a project's infrastructure is, therefore, of measurable importance to Telios' Mechanical Engineers.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning
  • Central Utility Plant Design and Assessments
  • Air Distribution Design and Assessments
  • Infection Control Design and Assessment for both end-use and during construction.
  • Process Piping Design and Assessments
  • Building Control System Design and Assessments
  • Building Energy Analyses and Audits
  • Renewable Energy System Design and Analyses

Electrical Engineering

Our Electrical Engineering encompasses all aspects of power planning, electrical distribution, on-site generation, UPS systems, lighting, and low voltage systems. We offer coordination studies, fault current and arc fault analyses for our own design efforts and/or as third party to contractors and owners. From the preparation of studies and reports to the comprehensive design of master-planned systems, Global Vision professionals provide focused attention to detail and total commitment to your design objectives.

  • Power Distribution Design and Assessment
  • Standby Power Systems Design and Assessment
  • Lighting Design, including
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Electrical Master Planning Systems Design
  • Telephone/Data Layouts
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Fault Current Analyses
  • Arc Fault Analyses and Labeling
  • Coordination Studies
  • Plumbing Engineering

Plumbing Engineering 

Global Vision plumbing engineering and consulting is focused squarely on issues of sustainability, from acceptable drinking water, to the proper distribution of liquid and solid gasses and waste. As is true of our other professionals, our plumbing design and consulting team brings deep experience, thoughtful understanding and solid performance to every project.The plumbing engineering works closely with clients and the design team to create an appropriate technology strategy that meets current needs and will be relevant for future changes.  As experts in communication, Global project managers proactively orchestrate collaboration between design teams, contractors, and owners to “plan the details” so that projects remain on schedule and on budget.

  • Domestic Hot & Cold Water
  • Natural Gas Piping
  • Medical Gas Systems, Distribution and Alarms
  • Storm Drainage Systems
  • Acid Waste Piping
  • De-ionized Water Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Water Softening Systems

Low Voltage Consulting                                                                                        

Global Low Voltage team members specialize in telecommunications, voice and data networks, audio visual systems, security, access control, fiber optics, and other advanced technologies. Global Vision produces designs built on converged networks that maximize integration of systems and promote long term flexibility. 

The staggering rate of technology advancement requires a forward-thinking strategy which can result in savings for our clients. We recognize that each client is unique and our strategy sessions reflect that understanding with a comprehensive evaluation of client operations, values, and desired functionality.

Our project approach results in an enterprise technology plan which will facilitate smart, informed decision-making and impact the future viability of installed systems. This road-map can serve as the foundation for the design team through every phase of the project whether it is a renovation or ground up construction.

Project considerations and deliverables include:

  • Technology Benchmark
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Best Practices
  • Enterprise Technology Plan
  • Technology Budget
  • Schedule and Implementation Plan

The Global Design approach takes a holistic look that encompasses all low-voltage systems as well as spaces within a facility.  we  reviews the project requirements on a room by room, system by system basis. This process defines the function of the space as a whole and of each individual user.

Design considerations include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Obsolescence
  • Function
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Structured Cabling

No matter what type of business you have, chances are it runs on Structured Cabling.  our designers understand that a well-designed Structured Cabling System begins with listening.  By listening to your needs and implementing them into the design, we can provide you with a Structured Cabling System design that’s easily managed and supports all of your business applications for both short term and long term goals.

A well designed Structured Cabling System should have a life cycle of 15-20 years. Early planning is the key to this longevity, as your cabling system has to grow with your business as well.  we begins working through technology requirements early in the design process to carve out spaces and pathways within the architectural design of the building that allow for growth without complications.

  • Pathways and Spaces
  • Fiber/Copper Riser Systems
  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Telecommunications Rooms
  • Data Centers


  • Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Emergency Phone Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Security Command Centers

Network Electronics

  • Network Design
  • Rack Elevations
  • UPS Systems
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Audio/Visual


  • Meeting Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Sound Systems
  • Health Care Specialty Systems

Nurse Call

  • Telemetry
  • RFID
  • Infant Protection
  • Overhead paging
  • PACs
  • OR Integration


Commissioning provides value to our clients looking to reduce energy consumption of their real estate assets, and in critical facilities it provides much more than this.  Our field engineering and system integration team rigorously tests all control and failure sequences and make adjustments to insure that their critical infrastructure is ready to support the business continuity.  

With experience in data centers, industrial manufacturing, science and healthcare facilities, we leverage our resources to develop a commissioning process that is tailored to each project and its constraints.


Our approach starts with listening to the owner and design team to develop a thorough understanding of the project needs and design intent.  By understanding the forces behind various design decisions, all parties, from engineers to sub-contractors and vendors, are able to proactively participate in the facility enhancement process and solve construction and operations issues with performance-based, budget-conscious solutions.  This understanding of their business model and the operations that support it is carried through five levels of diligent testing.

Level 1 – Peer Review and Planning

This level deals with the preparations for commissioning and includes: drawing and sequence of operations review, generating a commissioning plan and schedule, and preliminary test procedures.

Level 2 – Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Inspections

This level includes: quality assurance, control and documentation before shipping to the site, performance per spec, and commissioning site inspections during construction.

Level 3 – Pre-functional Inspections

This level focuses on: system installation and manufacturer startup in accordance with all specifications, completion of site acceptance tests (SAT) and the readiness for functional testing.  At this stage final Level 4 and 5 Commissioning scripts are reviewed and approved by the construction and operations team.

Level 4 – Functional Testing

This level is deals with testing to spec performance per component and related/redundant components, and calibration and metrics verification at design loads.

Level 5 – Integrated Systems Testing

This level is the ultimate “Reality Check” test for mission critical facilities. At this level all systems are operated at full design load to ensure that all components work together as required and also that all systems operate and “heal” as intended in all possible failure scenarios. Only after completing this level of commissioning can a customer be assured that their facility operates as intended in all modes of operation.


Safety of our own employees and the other contractors supporting the commissioning of a facility is our utmost priority. Regardless of the schedule or site constraints, we never compromise our efforts to maintain a safe work environment for our team or partners.

We insure safety of these employees by implementing the following:

  • Adherence to OSHA requirements
  • Method of Procedures for testing equipment in a “live” facility.
  • Lock out tag out procedures incorporated into test procedures.
  • Daily CxA site meetings during Level 4 and Level 5 testing outlining procedures for that day, safety precautions, and review of other work on site that may impact testing.
  • *Implementation of proper PPE in accordance with NFPA 70E as it relates to shock and Arc Flash Hazards.


Energy Modeling and Auditing

Today energy costs are highly dynamic and unpredictable and for many owners and developers this equates to risk.  Energy models and audits can provide meaningful information for building owners to make informed decisions to hedge those risks.

Global Vision is passionate about high performance buildings and helping owners make sound, economic building improvement decisions. At Global Vision, we provide comprehensive energy modeling and auditing as a single coordinated service to our engineering services or we can provide standalone third-party services for projects in design or construction. 

Our energy modeling services employ tools and techniques necessary to keep pace with increasingly complex building systems and control strategies. From daylight harvesting to combined heat and power plants, we bring the expertise necessary to model and quantify the impact of the most complex designs being implemented in today’s market. Our capabilities enable us to easily simulate the impact of the following factors within a broad range of real-world scenarios:

  • Building Systems
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Day-lighting Design
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • On-site renewable sources
  • Peak Energy Demand
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Approach

Our approach starts with listening to the owner and design team to develop a thorough understanding of the project needs and design intent. By understanding the energy-conserving measures incorporated into the building design, we can employ the most appropriate software or analytical tools to quantify the impact of those measures, both environmental and economic. We understand the need to provide clients with the lifecycle costs of various building components to ensure the most economically sound alternatives are presented.

We believe in starting the modeling process early in the design phase to allow energy performance to “inform” the design process. This often requires an iterative modeling process, and our experts are able to implement changes quickly and efficiently. We work with owners, architects, and engineers to understand exactly where a building is achieving (or not achieving) optimum performance and make proactive improvement recommendations.

Modeling - Energy Reports

During a design process energy modeling can empower the design team and the owner with valuable comparisons. A model can help the team answer questions such as “What is the right amount of insulation for my building,” or “How much energy will be saved between a simple DX system or a water-cooled, chilled water system?”

Our modeling generates simple, executive level reports for the layperson to quickly understand and determine the systems that are right for their business model.

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are different from energy modeling in that existing field conditions are first surveyed and documented and then entered into our systems to seek out improvements for reducing energy consumption and maintaining occupant comfort and the health of the building. Among the purposes of an energy audit are:

  • To determine if energy demand and costs can be reduced;
  • To apply for rebates from utility providers; and
  • To determine available capacity for future building expansion.
  • Global Vision is fully capable of following through after such an audit, with engineering services to initiate and execute remedial actions deemed necessary.

Mechanical Design

Global Vision background in mechanical design and draughting is wide ranging across many engineering sectors. Our team of Design Engineers have backgrounds ranging from heavy engineering like steel rolling & plate mill lines to lighter fabrication and sheet metal design to service the medical and food process industries.

  • Below is a small sample of previous mechanical design projects that Nova has been successfully involved in.
  • Automotive Handling Equipment Design
  • Handling equipment mechanical engineering designs throughout the motor industry.


This has included overhead and floor chain conveyor design, powered roller beds, belt conveyors, skillet lines, lifters, turntables, underguarding and drop sections.

The majority of these projects have involved our engineers conducting site surveys to assist with the outsourced mechanical design.

  • Metal Processing & Furnace Design
  • Based in the West Midlands, Nova are at the heart of the metal process and furnace industry.
  • Collectively our team has a wealth of mechanical design experience working on rolling mill, strip process, bar & tube straightening equipment and furnace design.
  • Special Purpose Machinery

Assembly Machine

We have experience in special purpose machinery design projects ranging from scrap metal & car shredders, high speed assembly line equipment, packaging machinery and friction welding equipment.

Sheet Metal & Light Fabrication Design

Our team also has experience in lighter fabrication and sheet metal work.

This has included mechanical design and mechanical drafting projects for a number of industries including, food process, tobacco processing and automotive paint plant design.

The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering systems are those that consume energy within our built environment and are also the direct interaction between the occupants and the building.   

We provide a full suite of sustainability services including consultation and project management, retroactive and mission critical commissioning, energy modeling, energy audits, facility assessments, and indoor air quality audits. Telios also provides energy modeling training and consulting services for other engineering firms; our team both practices and teaches sustainability.

  • Structural Design / Detailing
  • Structural Design and Structural Detailing Services for Steel 

To aid in the design and production of drawings we have invested in dedicated CAD packages designed for specific industries.

For the structural steel industry we have selected Advance Steel from Graitec as a design, automated detailing and scheduling package.

To aid in our reinforced concrete projects we have invested in RC Detailing from CADS to automate the production of detail drawings and schedules.

  • Structural Engineering Design Projects
  • Structural Steel-work & Structural steel design
  • Building service drawings

Visualisation Services

We use Autodesk 3DS Max Design and VIS Mockup to offer state of the art 3D animation and visualisation services.

These powerful software packages provide us with 3D modelling, 3D animation and 3D rendering tools which allow us to create high quality 3D walkthroughs from something as little as 2D plans, drawings or even a concept idea.

  • Office Images - 3D%
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