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Global Vision Consultant Division (GVC) a cornucopia of high-quality technology products and quality services in a variety of industries. It is bifurcated into products and services for homes and individuals, and for industries and companies. we offer an abundance of products and services for industry and companies in India and Globally. These products and services are arranged in order, with link leading to specific pages that highlight individual products and services. The members of the Global Vision help companies in businesses across all industries from emerging growth companies to global powerhouses deal with a broad range of business issues. Our expertise professional pursue the highest levels of integrity, quality and professionalism to provide clients with a broad array of services.

Quality : In Everything We Do. Global Vision - Integrity and professional competence are the cornerstones of our global organization. We work hard to earn and maintain our clients’ trust and confidence. So that we can provide quality professional services in an independent, objective, and ethical manner, we have implemented a number of global professional development initiatives and quality and compliance safeguards.

Services Offered : Global Vision provides a range of Product & Services.

Industry Focus : Globally, Global Vision supports industry sectors, and operates Global Industry Centers for half the industries that we serve. The Centers are dedicated to bringing insights to clients, sponsoring dialogue among industry stakeholders and linking our professionals to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our member firms provide specific services for industries on a country-by-country basis.

Culture : Global Vision would not be such a successful organization without great people and strong teamwork. We provide our people with solid career growth opportunities and a people-oriented workplace environment. Our philosophy, quite simply, is that when our people achieve their best, so do our clients and our business prosper.

Services :

  • Consulting
  • Deals
  • Government Related Reforms and Indian Infrastructure Development 
  • Accounting Advisory
  • Risk Advisory Services
  • Emerging Markets Centre of Excellence


We help organisations work smarter and grow faster. Reach out to us to build effective organisations, reduce costs, manage risk and regulation and leverage talent.

Management Consulting

We are committed to delivering value to our clients and ensuring long-term success. Reach out to us to improve your business performance, innovate and grow, reduce costs, leverage talent and transform your organisation.


We use the firm’s unrivalled mix of capabilities to deliver strategies that are both insightful, industry relevant and practical. This is what we mean by ‘distinctive strategies that work'. We assist clients in a wide range of strategic issues including growth and capability, market entry, diversification, target operating model, leading to business transformation. Our approach is collaborative, but analytically rigorous and backed by a strong financial plan.

We work closely with our international strategy network to deliver these assignments. Along with our industry leaders in industrial products, consumer and retail, telecom, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and aerospace and defence, we provide relevant and pragmatic advice. 

Technology Consulting

Companies that understand the strategic potential of information technology (IT) integrate it into their business transformation. Their IT investments advance their business goals and work seamlessly with current people and processes from strategy through execution.

Emerging Technologies

Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud trends are the strongest signals yet that business ecosystems are becoming more digitised, where information content accounts for a rising proportion of the entire value of any product or service. These emerging technologies create the possibility for new ways to develop products, interact with customers, partner with others, compete and succeed. However, more than strategy for any individual technology trend or for combining more than one of them, companies needs a systematic approach to engage with these technologies.

At Global Vision Consultant , we help organisations leverage the most out of emerging technologies to achieve the best possible business results.


The deals team helps companies make acquisitions, investments, divestitures, joint ventures, spin-offs and strategic alliances. In addition, the team provides advice to corporates for raising new finance or improving the efficiency of funding on their balance sheets. In each case we have the same overriding objective: to ensure clients maximise the return on their deal.

With numbers of specialist in our Indian deals business we bring a unique combination of financial, commercial and operational insight to every deal. Our dedicated industry specialists across these disciplines deliver unparalleled knowledge to our clients as we navigate the deal process with them.

Government Reforms and Infrastructure Development

Global Vision Consultant provides services across government sectors, with over 250 specialists assigned full-time to its workable practice.  we have been part of the national and state-level sectoral reform programmes, which include areas such as fiscal and governance, pension and insurance, education and health, social sector, municipal, power and infrastructure sectors.

Working closely with clients in the public sector as well as across levels of key donors ADB , we provides services in areas including policy and strategy development, public private partnerships, financial restructuring, service delivery, performance improvement, institutional strengthening and capacity building, accounting and financial management systems, human resource development, etc. We have successfully created opportunities for strategic change and enhancement of institutional capacity. Our GRID practice has a wide spectrum of experience cutting across sectors, bringing with it cross learnings in issues, resolutions and best practices

Our services

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Mining
  • Public Finance
  • Renewable Energy
  • Social Sector Advisory Services
  • Urban Utilities and Governance

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Our Agriculture and Natural Resources practice provides advisory services to organisations in sectors such as food processing, commodity trading, agricultural credit, irrigation, integrated resource management, farm inputs and agri-infrastructure.

The team comprises individuals with relevant industry experience, thus forming the basis of our sound technical advisory practice.

We have assisted our clients in the following areas:

  • Policy planning and implementation
  • Appraisal, monitoring and evaluation support
  • Capacity building and institutional development
  • Business plan and growth strategies
  • Strategic investor scan
  • Technical due diligence
  • Transaction advisory
  • Supply chain management

Energy Efficiency

Our Energy Efficiency (EE) practice provides consultancy services relating to policy, regulatory services, demand-side management, energy audit studies, public-private partnership (PPP) models, assessment of market attractiveness, business plans for energy efficiency ventures, diversification, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, etc.

We have been working closely with clients in the government and public sector, private enterprises and various multilateral and bilateral funding agencies. We have been assisting policymakers, regulators at central and state levels and overseas clients in formulating policies and regulatory measures to help promote the EE market in India and the subcontinent. 

Oil and Gas

Global Vision Consultant Oil and Gas practice comprises a group of subject matter experts (SMEs) with deep knowledge about the market, competition, policy and regulations, trends and issues in the global and Indian oil and gas industry.We have extensive experience in working with ministries, regulatory bodies, industry federations as well as most public and private sector companies in the sector. Through our services and solutions we assist companies deal with challenges in the following areas:

  • Market entry, new investments and expansion
  • Operations efficiency improvement
  • Developing businesses and projects

Power and Mining

The electricity industry in India has evolved significantly to provide a wide range of opportunities across the value chain, in both, the regulated as well as deregulated businesses. Our market is the world’s fifth largest in terms of generation capacity and the third largest in terms of network. The growing demand, network extension and upgradation, reduction in energy intensity, unbundling of supply services and growth of cross-border trade present various opportunities for this industry. However, a number of challenges remain, such as of fuel supply, counter-party risk posed by distribution companies, monopoly restrictions on open access and the availability of project finance.

Public Finance

Our Public Finance practice provides consultancy services relating to public resource mobilisation, public expenditure framework, budgetary processes and frameworks, sector and domain expertise, econometric analyses and capacity development plans. 

We have been working closely with clients in the public sector and all levels of governments as well as key development cooperation agencies. While the sub-national projects undertaken for various state governments in India include the State & central governments of India our international engagements include projects in the South Asian countries .

Renewable Energy

Our Renewable Energy (RE) practice provides consultancy services across all major and emerging renewable energy technologies, such as solar (PV and thermal), wind, small hydro, bio-energy, waste-to-energy, geothermal and tidal energy.

Social Sector Advisory Services

Our Social Sector Advisory Services team works in the areas of policy development, restructuring, organisational development, service delivery improvement, human resource management, feasibility studies, programme management and Public Private Partnership's. We also monitor and evaluate studies across multiple sectors such as public health and nutrition, education and skill development, and livelihoods and local economic development. Our experience includes working with several government (national and state) departments, international financial institutions, donor agencies as well as private players.

The team comprises qualified professionals and associates from different streams ranging from social studies, economics, finance, public policy, business administration to IT and engineering with national and international work experience and understanding of best practices in this domain

Urban Utilities and Governance

Our Urban Utilities and Governance (UU&G) practice is one of the leading advisors in urban infrastructure sectors such as water supply, waste management, sewerage and sanitation, urban transport, and related services provided by local bodies, with its unique ‘making it happen’ approach and end-to-end cross-functional service offerings.  

We have a dedicated team of qualified professionals from civil and public health engineering, urban planning, environment management, economics, finance, public policy, business administration, with national and international project experience.

Accounting Advisory

Your business faces myriad complex accounting issues related to acquisitions, consolidations, debt / equity offerings, restatements, GAAP conversion, treasury, hedging and more. These are major challenges and may disrupt your day-to-day operations.We help companies maximise value during these moments of exceptional change. With a global network of trusted advisors, we support companies with their accounting, financial reporting and valuation needs. Our practitioners combine accounting, valuation and tax expertise to help you preserve the value of your business.

We tailor solutions to your needs, allowing for a thorough approach in anticipation of the requirements of auditors, investors and regulators.

Emerging Markets Centre of Excellence

The Emerging Markets Centre of Excellence, based in Mumbai, helps the boardroom agenda of entry, growth and capability building in emerging markets. we recognises that as organisations shift market and operating focus to emerging markets, they need to tackle a multitude of questions such as consumer tastes and preferences, local infrastructure, government regulations, access to resources and the availability of talent. The Emerging Markets Centre of Excellence helps companies navigate these challenges and grow profitably in these markets, by combining our consulting, deals, risk, tax and regulatory capabilities to help clients in their emerging markets journey.


we  assists organisations in optimising their entry and growth strategies by providing end-to-end services. We facilitate successful joint ventures (JV) and provide offset structuring, transaction and implementation support. Our knowledge and expertise is demonstrated through our in-depth focus and understanding of the market and opportunities in the Indian Aviation industry. Our independent relationships with regulatory bodies and collaborations with diversified clients help us serve you better.

Infra Capital Projects and Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure practice provides consultancy services relating to demand assessment, traffic studies, entry strategies, commercial due diligence, bid advisory and project finance  across transportation sectors (roads, ports, airports, railways, logistics, metrorail, BRTS), industrial infrastructure (SEZs, large area developments, commercial development) and tourism.

We specialise in providing comprehensive effective solutions in overcoming the following challenges:

  • Prioritising sectors, locations, states, projects to pursue while entering infrastructure sectors in India
  • Creation of domestic and overseas partnerships to enhance capability
  • Assessment of cargo and passenger traffic
  • Suitability of a manufacturing location
  • Economic justification and financial feasibility for a proposed project
  • Risk mitigation for a proposed project
  • Project structuring to induct expertise and enhance value
  • Issues in different concession agreements
  • Appropriate bidding strategy, considering bank-ability concerns and likely competitor behaviour
  • Risk management in real estate and infrastructure

Entertainment and Media

Despite a slowdown in the overall economy, the Indian entertainment and media sector is seeing significant growth. we works across sectors, viz. electronic media , television, radio, films, print and digital, and helps organisations improve effectiveness and achieve long-term results.

With new evolving revenue models in the entertainment space, our team of experts can help you with financial forecasting, finance transformation, project management, revenue recognition and supply chain management. With digital media being delivered across new mediums, intellectual property disputes and risk management have become common. Our team helps you resolve these disputes along with content and licensing management. Our practice also provides services around merger integration, financial and commercial due diligence, valuation and tax-effective restructuring solutions. We have aligned our Entertainment and Media practice around the issues and challenges that are of utmost importance to our clients in this sector. We analyse and understand the environment in which our clients operate and how it impacts our clients’ business.

Financial Services

Volatility in the financial markets has resulted in financial institutions struggling to maintain their growth and profitability. Alongside, the global economic slowdown has taken a toll on the Indian economy, pressurising margins as well as the very sustainability of financial service companies. These dynamics call for the need to establish robust business models and ensure quality management.The sector is now at a point of inflection undergoing multiple regulatory and reporting changes. One of the biggest challenges is the move to Basel III, which includes strengthening bank capital requirements and adopting new regulatory requirements on liquidity and leverage.

Basel III, together with the broader regulatory change agenda, is set to redraw the banking landscape. It will have a profound impact on profitability and force banks to transform their business models. Another key transformation in the financial services industry is the transition to IFRS. The landscape of financial reporting will be transformed with the adoption of IFRS, ultimately leading to an impact on business decisions.The market opportunity is large with a share of renewable energy targeted to go up from 4 to 15% this decade. The sector is competitive with the entry of new entrepreneurs especially in wind, solar and small hydro. We have advised a number of renewable investors in planning, financing, acquiring, scaling-up and diversifying their renewable energy interest


Technological innovations like cloud computing, mobility and social media are necessitating new strategies for branding, customer management and employee connect. As the world’s premier risk assurance, tax advisory and consulting firm, we is best equipped to understand and help you grow in an environment of increasing enterprise risk due to global economic turbulence, unsteady demand, unpredictable currencies and new challenges in the predictability of tax regimes. 

This success has created its own challenges, the need for new client acquisition strategies, alliances, innovation and expanding the range of services.Being a people-intensive industry, rapid growth has also led to a leadership challenge across all levels of the enterprise. Companies are battling problems such as employee attrition, high training costs and limited time and resources to develop innovative business and delivery models.Having clocked an impressive annual rate of growth of over 20% per annum in the last two decades, the IT sector in India is now gearing up for its next phase of growth

We can assist you with the following:

  • Alliance strategies for large-scale transnational deals, working jointly with you and our clients to create sustainable value
  • Corporate strategy through valuation, due diligence and the realisation of deal value, through the entire deal continuum
  • Competency assessment and leadership development to help you build a strong, future-ready corporation
  • Alignment and optimisation of value flows in your business, tax and legal entity operating models across multiple countries.

Retail and Consumer

India’s economic growth and its demographic profile make the country a compelling business case for global retailers planning an international foray. The strong economic growth is attributed to high disposable incomes, growing middle-class influence, increasing individual wealth and the country’s large young population. The untapped rural sector and the lesser developed Tier II and Tier III cities provide ample opportunities for growth. The liberalisation of FDI in single-brand retail and the expected opening-up of FDI in multi-brand retail have generated significant interest among multinational retailers. we can be the ideal solutions provider in these exciting times and support you as you face global challenges .As the retail sector witnesses unprecedented growth, India has emerged among the most desirable retail destinations in the world.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing is a major growth sector for the Indian economy with diverse companies including those engaged in manufacturing of machinery and equipment, electrical and metal products, cement, building and construction material, rubber and plastic products and automation technology products.

Industrial production has slowed down considerably on account of the slump in the Indian economy. Higher interest rates have increased the cost of capital thus impacting new investments. The industry is in cautious mode with focus on cost control measures and risk management. Wherever possible, manufacturing companies have focussed on export sales to mitigate the impact of domestic slowdown and benefit from the rupee depreciation. In these challenging times, certain sectors have shown resilience taking proactive measures to sustain growth. Impetus is on new product development and R&D initiatives aimed at improving product portfolio so as to increase margins. 

Private Equity

The private equity landscape is changing. Regulatory pressure, calls for transparency, erratic markets and increased competition mean that private equity (PE) funds need to cast their net further to find untapped sources of value. our acts as a single point for PE clients on fund structuring, deal origination and execution, post deal services and exit planning including the tax aspects. Our services are designed to ensure that the vendor remains in control of the process and are able to dictate the timetable and issues to be negotiated. Vendor due diligence aims to address the concerns and issues relevant to even the most demanding purchaser. For vendors undertaking a disposal or selling off a part of their own business, vendor assistance provides bespoke solutions that ensure successful completion of your divestments. we  also advises on initial public offerings (IPOs) covering all stages of the process, from preparing for life as a public company, selecting the right capital market and establishing the right team of advisers, to advising on regulatory issues.

Risk Advisory Services

Our insightful and independent advisory services provide an invaluable safeguard in today's complex operating environment. We work with you in your boardrooms and back offices, delivering business control to help protect and strengthen every aspect of your business from people to performance, systems to strategy, business plans to business resilience. We draw on our extensive experience, to rigorously evaluate your governance procedures, processes, information and controls and, where necessary, recommend the best way to enhance them.

Globalisation and technology have many upsides. Unfortunately, they also have downsides. For instance, in enabling risks, old and new, to suddenly reverberate around the world—and across your enterprise. That’s why being able to spot both operational issues and opportunities on the horizon in a way that is deeply aligned with your corporate strategy is critical not only to managing risk but also to optimising your business performance.

Internal Audit Services employs highly skilled professionals, who can help solve common problems with the right solutions, contemporary processes and methodologies and superior tools and technologies. we helps organisations improve their quality and effectiveness of the internal audit process by assisting with the following:

  • Advising and assisting in the development of internal audit and risk management methodologies
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the internal audit function in delivering to stakeholders
  • Providing internal audit resourcing solutions, including full outsourcing or complementing in-house functions with specialist skills or geographical coverage
  • Supporting internal audit functions with software to enhance and support their work
  • Training internal auditors in using our extensive market and industry knowledge
  • Conducting internal audit using the hub-and-spoke method by deploying subject matter experts, who focus in industry-specific and technical risk areas.


Our offers internal audit outsourcing solutions that add value, often at reduced cost. These services are offered using the proprietary ‘hub-and-spoke’ method, design

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