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Global Vision Group offers Aviation Services , welcomes you to experience personalized luxury air travel in its brand new fleet of modern aircraft. 

Global Vision Group Aviation operates and owns one of the youngest fleets in the country. The fleet is rapidly growing with a range of both fixed and rotary wing aircraft's to cater to varying travel distances, passenger capacity and comfort levels. You choose the destination and we will find a way to fly you there. 

Apart from owning and managing its own fleet, GVG Aviation also manages aircraft' of other business groups . GVG Aviation is managed by proven professionals drawn from among the best in the aviation industry. Operations managed by robust processes and systems ensure highest levels of efficiency and safety. While great care is taken in recruiting the best in class people resources, equal importance is given to regular training and competence development.

It has been our endeavor to provide a one stop shop for charter solutions. Our aim is to cover the entire spectrum of the charter services covering both fixed and rotary wing aircraft and to provide a variety of aircraft's to suit every pocket, every demand, and every situation.

Presently our fleet consists of: 

  • Falcon 2000 EX 
  • Hawker 750 
  • Bell 412  Helicopter

We value your patronage and we will take great care to service your needs

We value your patronage and we will take great care to service your needs
For any of your air charter needs please call :  Call On - 09766428624 

  • Domestic Airlines services
  • Cab & Charter Services
  • Pilot Training Institute
  • Flight Catering
  • Airlines Staff Management
  • Ticketing
  • Tour & Travel


Our list of distinguished clients continues to grow by leaps and bounds, much like our charter business. Many of our clients chose to fly with us again – a source of constant inspiration for us to offer you the best services possible. 

Our esteemed guests include CEO's and senior executives of multinational companies, celebrities from the National and International film fraternities and several political luminaries. 

Business Charter

Helping people do business

Charter Private jet for business travel 

  • Flexibility –Private aircraft work around the passenger’s schedule and not the airlines.
  • Time is money – The ability to travel to multiple cities in one day means less time out of the office and a reduced expenses bill for your company.
  • Private terminals – Avoid the stress of transfers and delays often experienced at main scheduled service hubs.
  • Take the office with you – Internet connection, satellite phone as well as ample space to conduct in-air business meetings.
  • Connect with scheduled services – A chartered aircraft solution can connect with your long-haul scheduled flight and be waiting for the passenger the moment they land.
  • Economical – Avoid the overheads associated with owning an aircraft, chartering means you only pay on a flight-by-flight basis.
  • Experience – We now co-ordinate  charter 
  • Global Coverage –  a global network of offices, employing local experts, not simply international phone numbers.
  • Financial security –  the largest charter companies in the India , debt free and profitable. We are one of the only companies to have been trusted to provide charter services for governments of the United Kingdom, United States & China as well as the United Nations. Our annual accounts can be found here Click to view ACS annual reports.
  • Cost effective solutions –  the best aircraft at the best price. Our size means that we can provide cost effective solutions that small charter companies simply cant provide.
  • Personal account manager – a personal account manager who coordinates all aspects of your charters wherever in the world they may be.
  • Range of aircraft – From helicopters, propeller aircraft and very light jets to heavy jets and executive airliners.
  • Safety – an in house compliance department, are is a Wyvern approved broker. If safety and insurance documentation is not in order, an aircraft will not fly.
  • Confidentiality – Some of the largest corporations in the world have trusted Global  Vision Group for their business charter requirements. We do not publically disclose the details of any clients without permission.

Aircraft taxi for business meetings…

  • Cost effective small aircraft and helicopters that provide an affordable ‘same day’ service for site visits and business meetings.
  • Any location reached with ease – domestic business trips or short flights to Europe.
  • Time saving visits to multiple locations in the same day – and then back to the office within hours.
  • Flexible schedules with an aircraft and crew that will wait on stand-by for your next appointment.
  • Account managers available 24 hours a day to respond to any changes in your plans or requirements.

Charters for special private events…

  • Hospitality flights to various social events – from film festivals to the opera – traveling by helicopter or small aircraft.
  • Sporting events by air taxi for days out at the races, golf, or other big sporting occasions.
  • Family celebrations such as birthdays or weddings made memorable with an affordable private charter flight.
  • Chartering an aircraft made simple by one of our account managers who will handle every aspect of your requirements

Helicopter Charter

  • Fast, flexible and affordable
  • Highly versatile aircraft capable of landing or taking off from remote areas or city centre helipads.
  • Any location reached with ease – domestic business trips or short flights to Europe.
  • Ideal for flights of 1 hour, with large helicopters having endurance of 2 hours.
  • Account managers available 24 hours a day to respond to any changes in your plans or requirements

Corporate travel…

  • Commute by helicopter straight to the office. Get to the centre of Mumbai & New Delhi from the home counties in just 15 minutes.
  • Flexible service enables you to make a multiple premises visit covering the length and breadth of the country in one day.
  • Conduct business on board and stay in contact with your office while travelling to a meeting.
  • Chartering an aircraft made simple by one of our account managers who will handle every aspect of your requirements.

Leisure events…

  • Helicopter charters are an affordable and convenient way to avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Land directly at a vast number of hotels, restaurants, spas and other exceptional venues.
  • Rapid transit to a shooting, fishing or skiing destination.
  • Involve a helicopter in your special event, whether its the arrival of a VIP or whisking a happy couple away after their ceremony, our dedicated charter experts will tailor to your specific requirements and be contactable 24/7 to answers any questions.

Cargo Charter

  • Leaders in worldwide cargo aircraft charters

Whether you are looking to transport a single document or some outsized cargo, Global can find the perfect aircraft for the job.

  • Air Charter Service are the experts in…
  • Urgent “GO NOW” charters
  • Remote destination charters
  • Heavy and oversize cargo charters
  • Humanitarian and relief charters
  • Airline support charters
  • The cargo charter specialists…

Global Vision Air Charter Service are globally recognised as one of the leading names in cargo aircraft chartering.

With the largest share of the cargo charter market in Europe already, we are now developing an excellent reputation globally.
With a global network of offices, you can be assured that we will find the perfect aircraft available to you worldwide.

Global Vision Cabin Crew &  Air Hostess Training Global Management Consultants , First Impression, Global Security are divisions of  Global Vision Group- Aviation Services  It is a leading company in training and development - THE ONLY COMPANY OPERATING ALL OVER INDIA in this field, with the largest network of state-of-the-art centres besides international operations thro different Channels in Dubai, Mauritius & Hong Kong. Global Vision Group has in its fold another company, namely, Global Vision Media & Entertainment 10 launch music albums. Global Vision media &  entertainment also produces feature films and has successfully released its first project.

It is the only institute/academy in India having exclusive worldwide tie-up with an institute of repute in India and having the international presence.Global has accredited all of the Aviation Staff & crew member courses and will also award its own certificate at level 5/7 ( as applicable) as per education system in UK, on the completion of Global aviation course. 

Courses :

  • Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management 
  • Diploma in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service, a Level 5 Qualification as per Education System
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Services
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Ground Services,

Orange City  Flying Club is to established & operation by 2014 with the aim of training young men & women as aviators in India. Since then it has had the distinction of training hundreds of Pilots & Engineers:  The Club is maintaining its own Cessna Aircraft. Additionally, the Club undertakes overhaul of Lycoming and Continental engines used on Cessna 152 & Pushpak Aircrafts respectively. 

Our Fleet - CESSNA A152

The Cessna 152 is an American two-seat, fixed tricycle gear, general aviation airplane, used primarily for flight training and personal use.

A152 Aerobat

Two-seat aerobatic-capable aircraft, 315 built. Certified for +6/-3 Gs and had standard four-point harnesses, skylights and jettisonable doors, along with a checkerboard paint scheme and removable seat cushions to allow parachutes to be worn by the crew. Type approved in 1977 and produced as 1978 to 1985 model years. The following aerobatic maneuvers are approved: chandelles, steep turns, barrel rolls, snap rolls, loops, vertical reversements, lazy eights, spins, aileron rolls, Immelmann turns, Cuban Eights and stalls (except whip stalls).


The 152's airframe is an all-metal construction. It is primarily aluminium 2024-T3 alloy, although some components such as wing tips and fairings are made from glass-reinforced plastic. The fuselage is a semi-monocoque structure: it has vertical bulkheads and frames joined by longerons which run the length of the fuselage. The metal skin of the aircraft is riveted, which allows loads to be spread out over the structure. The wings are of a strut-braced design and have a 1 degree dihedral angle. The tapered (outboard) portion of each wing has one degree of washout (the chord of the tip section has one degree lower angle of attack than the chord at the end of the constant-width section). This allows greater aileron effectiveness during a stall, although it is much less than the 3 degrees used in Cessna 172 wings.

The Flying School will have its own infrastructure i.e. own building. We have full fledged basic training facilities to conduct the “On The Job Training”. This includes Lead-Acid Battery Shop & a MAGNAFLUX Machine, to be duly approved by DGCA. We have two CESSNA aircraft, One LEARJET-25, One RALLYE aircraft.

Flight Simulator Training

 Simulators that can meet all of your Flight Simulator training needs. Our instructors are highly qualified professionals.Total Number of Flying Hours: 557 Hours
2. Total Number of Flying Hours (Single Engine): 359 Hours
3. Total Number of Flying Hours (Multi Engine): 198 Hours
4. Number of Trainees: 72

Current Flying Rates (Rates likely to be revised soon) :Key Features of the Simulators:

• Glass Cockpit
• Pilot and Co-pilot configuration
• G 1000 Avionics (a fully integrated avionics system)
• Control Loading System
• Superior visual scene fidelity and realism
• Simulates all normal and emergency operations

Training available on the following aircraft types:

• Cessna 172 R (Garmin 1000)
• Beech Baron G 58 (Garmin 1000)

Global Vision Group Travels Management Services is established travel company in the world. Its India operations are headquartered in Mumbai and has the status of a limited company. It has offices in India across key cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Pune, Goa, Nagpur and Jaipur. 

The worldwide offices are located in Singapore and Dubai. It has associate offices in Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and Australia.

The principal services offered by the company are:

  • Destination Management
  • Outbound Tourism
  • Business Travel
  • Incentive & Conference Solutions
  • Domestic Holidays
  • N.R.I
  • Trade Fairs
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Insurance
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