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Agro & Food Processing 

Global Vision Agro & Food processing provides food, agriculture,technology, financial and industrial products and services in India. Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights our experience cornucopia of high-quality  .

We offer a range of products and services:

  • We process, refine and market imported and indigenous vegetable oils
  • Serving food industry customers with vegetable oils, fats, blends and bakery shortenings
  • Serving household consumers with a portfolio of fortified and healthy branded edible oils
  • We offer high quality food ingredients to serve food manufacturers and food service industry
  • We originate, process, store, trade and market a wide range of agricultural commodities such as food grains, oilseeds, sugar and cotton
  • We offer premix, compound feed and therapeutic care products to nourish animals
  • We provide risk management and financial solutions
  • We offer freight solutions and serve our industrial customers with energy commodities and metal products.

We process, refine and market a wide range of both indigenous and export & imported food grains , edible oils, fats and blends to the food industry and also serve household consumers with branded and vitamin-fortified edible oils.

We offer high quality food ingredients to the growing needs of food manufacturers and the food service industry

Grain & Oilseeds

We are one of the largest originators and marketers of food and coarse grains in India. We handle wheat, corn, rice, pulses, lentils, barley and sorghum as well as various oilseeds including soybean, rapeseed, groundnut and soybean meal. Our customers include leading food manufactures, flour millers; feed millers; distillers; brewers and starch manufacturers.  We export corn and soybean meal to the Asia-Pacific region and import pulses into India


We source, store and transport raw and plantation white sugar and participate in export and import depending on the surplus or deficit situation in India. We operate in the sugar-producing states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. We serve a wide range of customers that include leading sugar manufacturers and food and beverages producers


Global Vision Cotton operations in India form an important part of our global network of buying, selling and merchandising of cotton. We collaborate with suppliers and buyers of Indian cotton to strengthen their competitiveness in the domestic and global markets. Through careful management along the supply chain, we make sure that textile mills receive cotton that consistently complies with their specifications .

Animal Nutrition

We serve the animal nutrition market in dairy, poultry and aqua primarily through two businesses -- Global Vision Feed and Nutrition and Premix and Nutrition. We operate through marketing and branch offices across various locations, a technology application center and seven manufacturing facilities across India and offer a wide range of compound feed and premix products under several brand

Trade & Structured Finance

Trade and Structured Finance expertise helps our businesses manage risks around letters of credit and other cross-border credit and financial risks associated with trade and commodity finance. We also operate a 100 percent foreign owned non-banking financial company, Global Vision Banking and Financial Services.

Global Vision Group  supports the following activities:

  • Financial and risk management
  • Working capital management and restructuring solution
  • Cross border trade advisory services
  • Short-term and long-term trade-commodity related financing 

Global Trade Solutions to provides superior Trade Execution to bilateral trading businesses currently, handling multiple commodities. Global Trade Solutions multi-skilled workforce, servicing all geographic time zones, partner with businesses that need Trade Execution services as a core competency within their supply chains. The team handles container movement of food grains , sugar, soybean, wheat, cotton and gas among others.

Food Processing  

Global Vision Food Processing products  in a variety of industries.Right in the foothills of the Himalayas lies the Queen of Hills, Sholan- the capital of Dev Bhoomi [Abode of Gods- Himachal Pradesh]

Also known as the fruit basket of India, the region in and around Sholan happens to be a leading producer of fruit based products like Pickles, Juices, Jams and lately, Wines. Global Agro & Food Processing Industries made its humble beginnings  last decades. Global Agro & Food Processing has a wide array of products, ranging from fruits juices to pickles and lately, wines world famed & Famous in India .

Global is the Trade name for the exotic fruit juices , beverages, Fruit Drink Concentrates, Jams and squashes.

Some of the most exceptional pickles are also promoted under this brand name. The pickles are totally non-commercial in nature and use exclusive home recipes, passed on from the grandma’s kitchen to the granddaughters.

Pioneers in the Fruit Wine Industry of Himachal Pradesh, Global Agro & Food Processing Industries are also engaged in manufacturing premium quality of fruit wines. Global Wines is the brand name we have chosen for marketing our product. Though the plant is small, it receives technical support from Goa , Italy ,France ,Germany, South East Asia , Portugal and Australia.

We believe business is meant not just for profit, it demands excellence in the product for complete satisfaction of the patron. Global  fruit juices are nutritious beverages that are enjoyed by adults and children alike.Great taste, variety of nutrients and the premise of being prepared from freshest of fruits give Global's fruit juices an edge over innumerable similar products.

Global's fruit juices are fat-free, nutrient-heavy and rich in natural vitamins and minerals that contribute to good health.

Our Ranges of Fruit Juices Include :

Apple Juice

Apple juice, which is made of the best and the finest quality of apples from Himachal Pradesh, sleek red, silken green and lustrous gold. Crunchy and crisp flesh, sweetness embedded into its core and with wonderful vinous flavor, these apples turn out into our most excellent, sugar free apple juice!

Litchi Drink

Litchis are especially imported from Dehradun and Patna, places renowned for the most incredible assortment of select litchis in India.  These litchis seem to be an inspiration, taken from a mother tending to her little child! Softness, tenderness and a pinnacle of sweetness fills each one of them!!! They formulate Our Litchi drink!

Pineapple Drink

The Pineapples appear to be made of the very golden sunshine! They are a luxury for ones taste buds!! The flavor is tremendously exotic and the pineapple juice prepared, takes your taste buds on a tropical vacation.

Mango Juice

Dazzling with the wholesome goodness and the very aroma of the summer months are the handpicked mangoes! The sugary and the very yellow mangoes are terrifically fibrous and pulpy. Giving our mango juice a hint of Mother Nature’s bounty and the exceptionally striking flavor of this King of Fruits!!!! Which is a savory and a delight for almost everybody!

Strawberry Juice 

The succulence, tenderness, moistness and the intoxicating red color of the strawberries engulfs ones imagination. That’s what our Strawberry Juices are made of.

Strawberries with sizzling looks and real marvelous taste. A bite of it would induce a tingling sensation in ones mouth, so one can very well envisage what the fluid must be like .

Apricot Jam

A fabulous looking scarlet ball comes your way!!! And guess what it is. It’s a plum. With the pulpiest core, the most exhilarating taste and an extremely distinct flavor.Its essence has a tangy touch to it which makes it all the more extraordinary and special! The same is valid for the products of this fruit! 

Guava Nectar

Guava nectar's aroma is so mellow, yet so sweet and mood lifting. The delicious whiff, the intense flavor and the interesting taste, makes it awfully distinctive.The thick pulpy fruit, gives the juice an elite taste!!!

Fruit Crush

The thickening addictive Fruit Crush lets you abondon your inhibitions and set you free.

Strawberry Crush

The luscious and juicy red strawberries with tiny lil spots are crushed and an awfully delicious crush is prepared! This is the crush that is good to taste and healthy to eat! It’s a tropical kind of a product which is fruity and juicy!

Pineapple Crush

As yellow as the rising sun of the eastern horizon, the pineapples are squished to form an equally exhilarating and stimulating crush! This is the pineapple crush with a very Hawaiian and a typically tropical taste! Which instils a festive and merry making mood!

Guava Crush

Granular and temping! It is the guava crush which has a very nice mouth feel and savour to it! Green on the outside and pink on the inside, these guavas have a beautiful texture and an even better taste!

Fruit Squashes
Tangy, Syrupy, Luscious... our Fruit Squashes are known to stir such emotions in people. For a full range of our squashes, read below- and rush for your favorite bottle

Orange squash

Tangy and tasty! Sweet and Sticky! Syrupy and succulent!

Lemon Squash

Tender lemons Squeezed fresh and juicy! And so refreshing that they revitalize your senses immediately! Saliva trickles into your mouth as your taste buds experience the smothering flavour of the lemon! It is indeed a savoury with an extremely appealing aroma!

Mango Squash

Squished and sloshed to form thick pulpy slurry! Hmm…..the ripe, golden yellow mangoes certainly deserve the title of the “KING OF FRUITS” because of its distinct flavour and magnanimous capacity to be converted into a good number of items, and the mango squash is one of them! It has a wonderfully sweet and luscious! Litchi Squash . Strong flavours drift and catch your nostrils as soon as the bottle is opened up!!! Litchi squash is a product which has found a distinction in every aspect! It has tremendously diverse flavour, a very distinct colour of snowy white and mouth feel which is very typical of litchi! A must for fruit enthusiasts!

Rhododendron squash

Red and so bloody and bright! These fun filled bottles were flowers! Red flowers on rhododendron trees amidst the green old oak forests! They have an exceptionally exquisite tangy sour flavour to them and are truly alluring to ones mouth!    

Rose Syrup

The redness of the reddest of the roses is reflected in this bottle of the rose syrup.  It is a bottle full of romantic and snug feelings like dew drops on petals in the early hours of the morning. These feelings are love and passion with a sugary, tender and melt in ones mouth taste!

Bramhi Syrup

The lush green of the monsoons or the greenness of the deep waters, stands nowhere in front of the green of our Bramhi syrup! It is superb in its distinct flavour and it is a wonderfully refreshing, energising and invigorating drink for the summer months and provides the sucrose lost from ones body!

Fruit Jams
Traditional wisdom says Jams made from fresh fruit are better than freshly prepared jams from stored fruits or pulps. Hence we prefer to make premium quality jams not from preserved fruit but from absolutely fresh fruit in their respective seasons. Below is a synopsis of Globals' Jams.

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